How To Hike And Backpack Safely With Your Pets

If you love outdoor adventures and have a pet, chances are you would want your pet to accompany you on your next trek. But like us humans, our pets also need to prepare their body to and build up endurance to last that hike. But what are some best ways to prepare them for a hike? How to ensure their safety during the hike? Find it out all here.

FIGURE OUT YOUR GOALS; First thing first! Before you hit the road with your fellow companion, decide on what you are up to. What is the goal of your hiking trip? Is it a weekend backpacking trip, a night trek or a summit voyage? Once you have set the goal, start planning for it. Plan at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the trekking date. Figure out the best trail you can and make sure your pet is allowed on the trail. If there are any regulations you need to imply by, find it out in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

GET IN SHAPE: With your plan and trail figured out, it is time to get started with preparing your pet for the hike. Walking or running with your dog can help you both with a good start. With walking, running or other outdoor exercises help your dog build up the endurance that he would need for the big day. Pick up either morning or evening hours to exercise and be make sure that you and your dog are thoroughly hydrated.

GEAR UP YOUR GEARS: If your dog has been accompanying you hiking on flatter trails, give him a hang of walking through hilly or elevated trails. Get him new trail shoes for that extra grip.

For longer hikes, it is advisable to carry a backpack with your loads and essentials. Even your dog can carry a backpack with his essentials like water, food, and litter bags. Make sure not to overburden the weight of the bag. Ideally, it shouldn’t be more than 15 to 25% of your pet’s weight. Buy a properly adjustable bag for your dog. It should be comfortable enough to let him walk, run and breathe comfortably. Regardless of the distance, you are hiking, bring plenty of water with you. Make it a point to bring a water filter.

FIRST AID: It is a no-brainer that a basic first aid kit for your pet is one of the most essential things to bring along when hiking with your dog. With the readily available first aid kit, in the event of any mishap, you can reduce the health risk of your pet.

Most veterinarians in Virginia Beach advise that the dog’s nails should be clipped or he should use boots if he is embarking on a rough terrain to protect his paws. For extra precautions, learn how to administer first aid on pets and perform CPR.

Important tips to follow:

    • Ensure that your pet’s collar has a tag with updated contact information on it.
    • In case you are planning a hike at night, don’t forget to bring a dog jacket.
    • To make your pet’s movement visible at night, attach LED light to his collar.
    • Ensure that your pet has received proper vaccinations from               pet hospital Virginia Beach or vet clinic near your area.
    • Always carry extra food for longer hikes and adventures.

•    Always keep your near ones updated with your trekking date and duration.