Some Content Marketing Tactics That’ll Skyrocket Your Local Search Traffic

In SEO, content is the ultimate king. Good content has the potential to pull up the ranking of a website and put it at the top of the search engine page. Professional SEO consultant always vouches on creating original, error-free landing pages optimized for local SEO. Having a local keyword-optimized landing page makes it easier for the brand to get found in the search engine.

When it comes to website SEO for local business, content optimization is everything. Without SEO optimized content, it is difficult to reach out to the target audience and make a strong brand image on the internet, let alone get a page ranked on top of the search engine page.

Having said that, let’s check out some ways to create SEO optimized landing page.

Long Tail Keywords = Local Keywords = Ranking Opportunities

If you work around SEO and content, you might know by now that instead of going for short tail keywords, it is best to go for long tail ones. Besides being low on competition, long tail keywords are locally focused keywords and can help you get to the top rank for local searches quickly. Since long-tail keywords attract low competition, it is much easier to rank for them locally.

How to Do It?

In order to have that kicking landing page for your business, search engine optimization is essential.

Optimize your tags:

In SEO, Meta title and description, alt tags and H1 headings play a crucial role. Although they may seem small, doing them right can help you achieve quick ranking on the local level.

Do not ignore URL:

While it is true that you cannot change the URL of your homepage, you can very well tweak URLs of inside pages. You can add city and area information to the URLs of other web pages to get the attention of more local audiences.

Create content for local SEO:

Above all, content plays a crucial role in gaining a good ranking on search engines. If you wish to attract a more local audience, incorporate your city and area information into your content. Although, your content shouldn’t look forced or unnatural in any way. Hire a team of content writers who can develop quality content as per your needs. 

Embed a Google Map:

Most SEO professionals are in the opinion that adding Google Map to the website helps in building a good local fan following. When embedding a map to your business, make sure it is pointed to your correct address.

Local citations are crucial for local ranking: The Name, Address, Phone Number information is vital for any business’s ranking on SERP. For Google to know that your business exists, it is essential to spread out your business information on social media sites and other platforms.