Engineering And Its High Down

Education is an important and inevitable element of human civilisation and undergoing formal education becomes especially vital when the country is undergoing fast development. Indian being a young country with abundance of resources and workforce, it is at all times good to let students be on familiar terms with what’s ahead and help them understand how their choices may impact their life. Today, we have several choices before us longing from technical to non technical, professional, vocational etc. To build a successful career if you have students thinking in relation to going to engineering school from best engineering colleges in Indore than this list of pros and cons can help you totally explain the road forward.

Advantages of an engineering degree comprise of:

Bachelor of Engineering is a professional degree rather than an academic or research degree and prepares students to work in a particular profession build on the technical knowledge learned. This degree is often more practical-oriented students are typically required to work and take hands on experience to complete their coursework.

An engineering education can unlock many doors in the field of technology and with further education; engineers can also become lawyers, writers, teachers, and business people.

Engineers habitually go up to administrative positions and bring in exceptional fame, money and prestige in their life and career.

Among engineers, logical thinking,  problem solving attitude and a high level understanding of the world around them comes naturally which can be a life saving at times. Irrespective of the field an engineering degree polishes the skills of logical thinking.

The advantages to technical education are endless when undertaken from best engineering colleges in Indore and can be listed on and on and it will never end, so putting up the last but not the least, abundant job opportunities globally.


Disadvantages of an engineering degree comprise of:

Working as an Engineer can be stressful at times – especially when the apparatus or structure has the possibility of impacting human life dangerously.

There is always very heavy workload as an engineer. Sometimes 24*7 candidates have to be attentive.

The time taken to complete graduation degree is on the higher side as compared to non technical degrees.

Cut-throat competitive atmosphere for further promotions in the organisation.

Fewer theoretical skills upon graduation. Often, engineering students have very little opportunity to take business, manufacturing, art, or writing courses because of the highly technical core curriculum

Very thorough and conceptual mathematics is included in the course, making it little difficult for average students to clear.

The requirement for engineering graduates in seasonal in a sense . The wave shifts from mechanical to civil to computer science and sometimes to electrical.

Although every professional degree has its pros and cons, still engineering seems to be best choice among career cautious students. To get the maximum benefits out of the technical degree, students should keep in mind few important points. One should not specialise in an engineering discipline unless absolutely sure.