How an HR specialist can help an organisation

The efficiency, growth and profit of any organisation will depend to a large extent on the quality of the employees they are recruiting. Some organisations may find that certain employees are not as productive as they expected them to be, while in other cases, due to poor systems, the organisation may find that employees are not always acting ethically and are ignoring working guidelines for personal gain.

Employees are the most important stakeholders in any business and having a great working environment is crucial to staff motivation and lowering employee absenteeism.

Utilising an HR specialist to troubleshoot and fix any human resources related problems is one of the options available to the management team of an organisation. When looking to improve the systems for recruiting and retaining employees, one of the major advantages of using an outside HR specialist is that he or she will not be part of the existing system in the organisation, bring an objective and expert outside presence.

In some cases, jobs within a particular company can be very lucrative and carry great responsibility, so the human resources department staff will need to ensure they are hiring employees who are best suited to the roles in question. The part that the HR staff can play in this process is an area where they can be of great benefit to a company, but equally, they could have a highly detrimental effect if their duties were not carried out properly.

In most professionally managed organisations, great care is taken to verify the credentials of the employees before hiring them. In larger organisations, a detailed background check is carried out, especially for senior level positions to check the credentials of the employees being hired, before making an offer to the employees. In each of these cases, it is highly beneficial to have the insight of an HR specialist to ensure the right decisions are made.

Having all of your staff hiring, review, discipline and dismissal processes verified by an expert human resources department allows for a range of benefits for a company. A company that manages all of these processes well is not only likely to make great hiring choices, but also minimise the chance of problems within the workforce going forward. On the other hand, in poorly managed and inefficient organisations, employees may be hired with little care, leading to ongoing issues with employee relations, productivity and the workplace as a whole.

The productivity and ability of employees to thrive within their working environment can depend in large part on the employee processes that are put in place.With this in mind, it is clear that the HR consultancy hired will be able to improve systems, so that the organisation is hiring and supporting employees effectively at all times.

HR Consultancy


As Brexit comes ever closer and the added pressure this will have on workforces across the UK, it is important to ensure you have a process in-place to accommodate for the wellness of all your employees as key stakeholders.


Japanese Knotweed Removal – Keep Your Property Safe

Japanese knotweed is known as an invasive and tenacious plant that spreads rapidly. During the winter season the knotweed is known to die back to the ground level, but during the summer the stems emerge from the rhizomes underground. The plant shoots to around 2.1m high suppressing the growth of other plants. If the plant spread to your property, it’s illegal according to the Japanese Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981.

Also, if it spreads to your neighbour’s property or public land without you controlling it you are subject to fine and ASBO. Japanese knotweed removal requires determination either through chemical or non-chemical controls and you can either do it yourself or employ the services of a professional for non-Chemical Control

Digging it up

The root system of Japanese knotweed is so extensive since it goes deep into the ground around 22ft and it also spreads through underground shoots hence digging it out needs extensive experience. In case you opt to dig it up, you need to dispose of any waste that contains the Japanese knotweed carefully. You need a specific registered carrier and also an appropriate permit to move the weed waste to a landfill area.

Additionally, the registered carrier is supposed to clean the used vehicle according to laid down Laws thoroughly. Once you dig out the Japanese knotweed, you should never dispose of it with regular household waste since it is a contaminant. For burning the Japanese knotweed waste, if you prefer to burn the waste on your land, you need to let it dry out first and then continue with the burning process. The burnt waste should be transported to the specialist landfill using the appropriate and licensed means.

Due to various legal obligations that one has to follow on Japanese knotweed removal and disposal, it’s advisable to seek help from professionals. For chemical control, chemical treatment is another way of Japanese knotweed removal, and it’s one of the safest and recommended options due to the tenacious of Japanese knotweed. When using root-killer and weed killer for Japanese knotweed removal, ensure you have the appropriate chemicals, and you carefully follow the laid down regulations and manufactures instructions.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, it’s advisable to use the glyphosate-based chemical for Japanese knotweed removal and in particular the Root Killer and Scott’s Roundup Tree stump. You need to cut back on the plant stem before starting the application process. It takes around three years to enjoy the benefits of Japanese knotweed removal using chemicals entirely.

This means you need to re-spray the plant every year and you should avoid spraying the other plants. There are various companies offering services for Japanese knotweed removal. They have all the necessary equipment, tools and permits to keep your property free from Japanese knotweed. Additionally using professionals companies are an idea for offering insurance-backed guarantees if you decide to sell your property.